Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Choosing the Best Fundraising Company

School fundraising is one of the best ways to earn extra money for your school. There are many different fundraising possibilities out there, so you won’t have any trouble choosing a great fundraiser for your organization. Let’s take a quick look at 3 popular fundraisers and learn a little more about each. This will help you to narrow the many choices as you choose the next school fundraiser for your organization.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Selling cookie dough is a fun and delicious way to golf fundraiser ideas earn money for your school. If you choose this fundraising option you will generally partner with a school fundraising company that will supply all of the cookie dough. The dough comes pre-mixed and ready to bake so all your customers will need to do is scoop up the dough and bake it for delicious cookies that taste just like homemade. Everyone loves fresh cookies and you will find that this fundraiser appeals to most people.

One helpful tip to consider when planning a cookie dough fundraiser is that distribution needs to happen quickly. Since the cookie dough is pre-made it needs to be refrigerated at all times, so parents will need to play an active role in picking up and distributing cookie dough to make sure that it gets to purchasers while it is still fresh. In addition make sure that you choose a supplier known for making delicious cookies. If the cookie dough you order isn’t delicious people won’t be very excited to purchase from your school the next time your cookie dough fundraiser comes around.

Profit Sharing with Local Restaurants and Businesses

Another great school fundraising option involves working with local businesses. Basically your school can set up a special night where the business will offer a percentage of sales or profits in return for your school bringing in customers. This type of fundraiser is great for both your school and the businesses that you work with. It is a great way to let parents know about local businesses and can bring substantial profits to your school as well. If you choose to do this make sure that you get the word out and encourage as many people as possible to frequent the business on your assigned day. Also be appreciative of the business for helping your school out so that they are more willing to host a fundraiser for you again in the future.

Holiday Gift Sales

Selling holiday products and gifts with fundraising catalogs can be another great way to earn money for your school. With these fundraisers you will work with a fundraising company that will provide you with brochures, products and everything else that you will need. Students will use these brochures to sell various products to family members and friends. Once the orders are placed and the money is collected the school will order the products needed from the fundraising company. This can work great around the holidays and is a convenient alternative to dealing with busy stores for holiday shopping.